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Founder and CEO Studio One

Started as a fashion label, now we are an activation agency in Indonesia.

Introduced as a fashion label to the fashionistas of Jakarta in 1975, Studio One (PT. Tri Setragiri Kreasi) created a groundbreaking fashion show that had the whole town buzzing. Not long after, every fashion brand wanted what Studio One had and they came to the founders, Sjamsidar Isa, Lily Salim and the late, Prajudi Admodirjo. As a pioneer in the Indonesian fashion industry, Studio One is more than just a success story and is now known to be the leading fashion events coordinator in the country. Currently under the direction of Sjamsidar Isa's own daughter; Aida Nurmala, Studio One is now known as not just an event management and activation agency in the country, but also giving a well rounded fashion management that provides the services of public and media relations, as well as creative designs and digital contents. Going strong for more than 40 years, Studio One has been second to none in staging creative, spectacular and memorable events.

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